Who we are

The TopMax Elaborazioni company officially born in 2019, but it has its roots in terms of experience and knowledge since the beginning of 1999, when the curiosity and desire to aknoledge the functioning of AEGs, combined with the desire to improve them, pushed Max, known as "Il Lupo", the engine of the company, to get his hands on the first AirSoft AEGs.

The experience gained by Max in the 20 years prior to the opening of the company has allowed him to guarantee knowledge, professionalism and reliability on all AEGs models. We are into Professional Technical Upgrades on Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG).

Our spare parts line up for AEGs is the final result of years of work on the most disparate brands and models of AEGs, and despite this the primary focus on our minds is to constantly improve existing products or create new ones that are superior in terms of performance than standard components, to ensure the maximum achievable performance and reliability from each AEG.

We are not only a company that creates high-performance and reliable spare parts, but first of all it is a company that customize your AEG guns. If you decide to entrust us with your AEG, you can bring home an exceptional quality final result in terms of performance and reliability, and you will always receive the "AEG booklet", a unique document of its kind that will summarize all the process carried out on your AEG and all the components installed inside it, all accompanied by photos of the interventions and a summary sheet of the energy expressed by your AEG.

The TopMax Elaborazioni is also proudly an Italian company, which makes "Made in Italy" a reason for existence. All TopMax Elaborazioni branded products are strictly Made in Italy!

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